Top Best Travel Apps for Windows 10

Top best travel apps for Windows 10 free download. Happenly meet this kind of apps, for I am going go have a tibet tour later this month. You need to do plan and preparations for the travel, what's the weather, what needs attention, etc. A travel app under Windows 10 will help a lot. Here is the top best travel apps of Windows 10 list for you. 

  1. TravelNote


    Travel India app gives the 5 prime locations to be visited in India. This app lets the user know about Akshardham, Taj Mahal, Golden Temple, India Gate and Siddhivinayak Temple by clicking the links in the app. The links take the user to the youtube URL which gives the user complete description of these famous places in India.

  3. TravelAssist

    ВНИМАНИЕ: Для работы приложения необходим интернет!

    TravelAssist - приложение, которое подберет вам поездку на отдых за Вас! TravelAssist находит лучшие направления для отдыха, просчитывает цены на авиабилеты, находит отели для Вас, и позволяет сразу же их забронировать! От Вас требуется лишь только ввести сумму, которую Вы готовы потратить на поездку - и вот: лучшие варианты у Вас на экране. Персональный помощник путешественника уже тут, абсолютно бесплатно!

    Developed for Course Work by Samat Gayazov, NRU HSE, School of Software Engeneering, 1st year bachelor, 2014

  4. HappyTrips Travel Guide

    Happytrips app is a go-to app for all your travel planning needs. Get inspired to travel by browsing through cool picture galleries or read about trending destinations across the globe. Find expert reviews on destinations, hotels, and restaurants or refer to curated itineraries with hand picked experiences from travel experts across the globe. Find complete contact information of hotels and restaurants to avoid any hassle during your trip to your favourite destination. Plan better by referring to a travel guide of your favourite destination to make your trip memorable.

  5. Istanbul Travel Guide

    Get all essential information about Istanbul, from tourist attractions to restaurants and much more, right on your device with Istanbul Travel Guide by Pangea Guides. Not just information, this app has been packed with utilities frequently required by travellers. So, whether you want to book a hotel in Istanbul or do Facebook check-in at Topkapi Palace, find Points of Interests around Hagia Sophia museum or send postcard to your friends, you can do it all from within the app. Combination of utilities with information makes Istanbul Travel Guide the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ to this historic capital of Turkey.

    • Practical travel guide with detailed information for each district of Istanbul.
    • Travel utilities like hotel booking, currency converter, weather forecast, world clocks, reminder, alarm and others available within the app.
    • One app for all your Windows Phone devices with dedicated UI and data sync capabilities.
    • Plan your itinerary and port activity data between different devices and social networks using website.
    • Tight social integration for Check-Ins, photo sharing and places review.
    • Community sharing experience for photos, reviews and travel memories with your friends and other fellow travelers.

    Premium features consists of -

    • A next generation modern marvel Augmented Reality experience that brings surrounded by wonders feeling.
    • Search for cafes, restaurants, theatres and more than 1000s of other Points of Interest with carefully organized location data.
    • Extremely detailed offline map for no connectivity areas or internet availability (Connection required on first time use).
    • Comprehensive set of utilities and tools that will help you plan your trip. Organize checklist, send postcards thus, bringing collection of useful travel apps within a single app.

    Designed and developed by the travelers, for the travelers that works in all parallel universes!

  6. Compass Digital for Travel Vacation Hiking Walking

    Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8. See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for Compass Digital for Travel Vacation Hiking Walking.

  7. Travel Manager

    This application provides you all the features which you might have missed before when you have been traveling. The TRAVEL MANAGER is a comprehensive suite of several app´s to support you for planning your trip, being on trip and even to wrap-up (like the expense reimbursements). In detail you will enjoy the benefits from:
    • Pack List: Provides a catalogue-based check-list for things you should not forget when you pack the luggage
    • To Do List: Similar functionality like the pack list, but focusing on the issues you should not forget to do in the planning phase, when depart or after your trip
    • Info: This app provides all mandatory data of about 150 countries in the world and provides quick answers for hundred other questions about a country in travel context
    •Unit Converter: This app provides you all essential unit conversions especially between the US (imperial) system and the metric system.
    • Currency Converter: This app accesses online the official conversion rates of the European Central Bank. Based on that it allows to convert the currencies of all major countries without additional lookup
    • Currency Calculator: This calculator shows the results parallel in home and foreign currency. And important for traveling – it has “add tax” and “add tip” functions to calculate quickly the resulting final price
    • Expense Reporter: This app enables you to note down all your expenses during the traveling and even make a photo scan of your receipts. At the end of the trip you can easily upload the whole data set to your SkyDrive for starting the reimbursement process
    • Weather Forecast: Get the info for the weather in your destination just with a click.

    As described before this application suite provides you all the important functions to support any travel requirements in ONE application and in same easy-to-use work style. So make your next trip more enjoyable and efficient by using this comprehensive TRAVEL MANAGER !

  8. Japan Travel Chat

    Japan Travel Chat is a translator app to help travelers to Japan whom may not be able to speak Japanese well, to be able to communicate with them in times of need.

    Note : You need to install Japanese input keyboard (by going to Settings->Keyboard) in order for the person whom you are conversing to type in Japanese.

    What's new?
    - Tap to speak (English only)

    - Translate English to Japanese
    - Translate Japanese to English
    - Text to Speech
    - Chat style design
    - History of chat

  9. MBTA Travel Pro

    MBTA Travel Pro is award winning app, specially designed for Windows Phone 8 and above with seamless integration with phone operating system, starting from the colors you choose for your phone to getting the one click stop details. This is most personalized travel tool available only on Windows Phone especially for MBTA travelers.

    Whether you take Commuter Rail, Subway, Buses or even boat. We got you covered. MBTA Travel Pro is always around to show the schedule and travel alerts relevant to you right at a click of a button.

    Supported city: Boston

    Below are the main application features -
    1. Add stops to Departures screen (for one click schedule and predictions lookup).
    2. Turn on/ off south station/ north station indicator from settings.
    3. View nearby stops.
    4. Check the ride schedule for specific stop.
    5. Supported travel modes: commuter rail, subway, buses.
    6. Pin stop on start screen for one click schedule look up. This secondary tile now also shows the alerts right on your phone screen.
    7. Rate application from review screen.

    Note: For limited time please enjoy this application for Free while we add innovative features.

  10. Travel Mate

    Travel Mate is the ultimate companion app for casual and frequent travelers.
    Create trips, record expenses, activities, tasks and notes using the powerful tools bundled with the application. Add pictures to your activities and show an automatically generated diary of your trip to your friends and family.
    Some of the key features:
    -Plan your activities and budget
    -Record activities and expenses, use online or custom exchange rates
    -Add additional details to activities such as flight information, contact details, itinerary and so on
    -Capture receipts for activities
    -Export all information, the thumbnail photo and receipt picture of an activity to a Word document
    -Create photo albums for activities
    -Manage your trip related tasks
    -Take colorful notes with essential information, such as a flight number or directions
    -Export your activities, expenses, tasks and notes to an Excel workbook
    -Pin your trip to the start screen and track your expenses right there without starting the application
    -Avoid overspending by taking a quick look at the summary page of your trip that informs you about the planned, daily and remaining budget
    -Search for any of your activities, expenses, notes and tasks
    -Use the built-in unit of measure converters to convert metric and imperial area, length, mass and volume units, Celsius to Fahrenheit or the other way round
    -Convert clothing sizes with the clothing size conversion tool
    -Use the currency calculator that supports online and custom exchange rates to exchange currencies and formulas such as 5 × 30 EUR + 5000 HUF
    -Show both your home time and the time of your location if you are in a different time zone
    -Edit existing or create new activity categories and subcategories. You can also define what information you would like to enter for a given category.
    -Backup your trip data to OneDrive
    -Restore your trip data on your mobile devices from OneDrive
    The free trial version lets you create maximum 1 trip with 5 activities, 1 task and1 note. More information on trial limitations can be found on the about page.

  11. Traffic and Travel UK

    Traffic and Travel UK is the most comprehensive Windows Phone 7 app for finding information on Road, Train, and other Travel disruption throughout the UK. No other app provides this level of detail for UK Roads and Transport delays and problems, as well as additional useful travel information. The essential app for all UK Windows Phone handsets!

    ■The only app providing specific and detailed travel information for England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, London, Sheffield area.
    ■Road maps / lists detailing traffic information.
    ■Create personalised routes showing traffic incidents.
    ■Add favorites and pin pages to Start.
    ■Live Tile Push notifications displaying traffic updates from your selected region.
    ■ Quick traffic - display incidents from your selected traffic regions/road upon opening of the app.
    ■View specific Traffic and Roadworks information for UK roads by Motorway or A road.
    ■View Traffic Cameras in Scotland, N. Ireland (Belfast Area), Wales, Sheffield area.
    ■Traffic Scotland radio
    ■London Traffic information selectable for areas of the city including roadworks and congestion charging information.
    ■Access Transport for London ‘s 182 CCTV cameras.
    ■National Rail disruption information, UK Stations Map, and find your nearest by distance to current location
    ■London Underground and DLR line status and delays information for now and the coming weekend.
    ■London Underground/DLR/Overground Map of stations, and distance to current location.
    ■Searchable list of 850+ Private Hire Taxi firms in greater London area with details.
    ■Contact details section listing travel providers, journey planners, and other relevant contacts, like airports and train companies.
    ■Thames Riverboats - map and timetables.
    ■UK ferry port map.
    Any problems, or suggestions for new features please contact me via my website or send me an email.

  12. Bangkok Travel Guide

    Triposo's free Bangkok Travel Guide. Works 100% offline and has everyting you need.* offline map* detailed sights section* restaurants* bars & nightlife* popular daytrips